Mariah first began dancing at the age of 5 at Dance Dynamics studio and has been apart of the competitive team since she was 6.

She is a diversely trained dancer in jazz, tap, ballet, acro, modern, musical theatre, lyrical and hip hop. Mariah has completed ADAPT Pre Advance Jazz & Tap exams.  Mariah has also completed all her Acrobatic Arts exams Primary to Pre Professional 3 and  is currently working to complete the graduate program for her teacher’s certification.

This spring Mariah completed the Rhythm Works integrative Dance Instructor Certification, training to work with children who have learn challenges and disabilities.

As an assistant teacher from 2014  -2018 Mariah shared her love of dance with the students and recently took the initiative to be an ambassador for Wingman for Dance. Wingman cultivates inclusivity, empathy and celebrates each others uniqueness.

Mariah has competed in local completions with Dance Dynamics and has travelled to many out of town as well. She has won many judges’ choice awards and scholarships for her acro solos as well as her group routines. Mariah was also voted “Dancer of the Year” in 2018 by her peers. She has participated in workshops including classes in Las Vegas with the Rock Dance Company and ECTC Tap classes in Mississauga. Mariah even was awarded the opportunity to tour the Cirque du Soleil Headquarters in Montreal.

As well as being a student and teacher at Dance Dynamics Studio, Mariah is a student at St. Ignatius High School. While being at St. Ignatius, Mariah has achieved several awards such as the Academic Proficiency Award and has been apart of the musical “Rock of Ages” as a dancer. And as if she is not busy enough Mariah has over 300 volunteer hours at places such as the Dew Drop In and at multiple community fundraising events.

Mariah is very excited to  continue sharing her passion and love for dance with her students and peers this dance season at Dance Dynamics

sharing knowledge through 4 generations