Our Team

Meet the great people behind Dance Dynamics!
Dana Zellweger

Dana is a local dancer and choreographer from Thunder Bay. She was a competitive student from the beginning to end. Dana worked hard to get high scores and special judges choices for technique, for multiple years. Dana has experience learning from and dancing in Copellia and Nutcracker with the Minnesota ballet. She has all of her BATD exams with ballet, tap and jazz scoring at high levels of honours. This allowed her to go to BATD scholarships in Toronto. Dana continued her studies in dance in Toronto, learning more about styles she already new and finding new styles. Some of these styles are Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Contact modern, Limon technique, vocal and acting. This training has gotten her Performing arts diploma. Her passion started out with Ballet and carried forward till today. She loves to express and show students why they can love it as well.