There are four reasons for these rules besides RESPECT for the art:

  1. It is a uniform and teaches the child to take pride in their appearance and prepare for class.
  2. The student is focusing on the class and not fidgeting with hair, jewellery, or ill fitted clothing.
  3. It permits the teacher and assistants to see the body to make corrections.
  4. Concern for safety: for the dancer and for teachers- Tights ensure that the leg muscles are kept warm in between exercises and instruction. Fitted outfits prevent injury when being spotted, or tumbling. Jewellery can scratch, cut, or even tear an ear, if caught on clothing, a partner, or a teacher.


  1. Hair must be tied or in buns off the face. Please use hairspray, elastics, and clips to keep it secure.
  2. Boys with long hair must secure it in a pony tail.
  3. No jewellery or watches in any classes.
  4. Tights are a must in all classes for girls (convertibles are excellent choices but ensure your dancer is wearing them over their calves – it is important to keep these muscles warm).
  5. Warm-up to wear if waiting in between classes.

All sweaters and baggy clothing worn into class must be removed.
Dance pants may be worn as long as they are fitted at the waist and above the top of the shoe. The dancer must be prepared to take them off if required for observation of her legs and body for correction purposes.
Any dancer that appears to be uncomfortable in an outfit (pulling tops down or pants up will be asked not to wear it again)
Students not adhering to the dress and hair requirements will be asked to leave class.